Keep Indian Trails Grove Green & Preserve Your Lifestyle!

Indian Trails Grove is approved for construction of 3,897 homes on nearly 5,000 acres, west of 180th Avenue. GL Homes is now proposing to preserve the site, in exchange for building on 1,257 privately-owned acres in the Ag Reserve in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton.


GL Homes Agricultural Preservation Plan stops 3,897 homes from being built in our area and adding traffic on our rural local roads. THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN WITH YOUR HELP. Sign up now to preserve Indian Trails Grove today!

  • Less traffic on our roads and less congestion!
  • Preserving your rural lifestyle
  • Nearly 5,000 more acres of preservation!
  • 640 acres to help with flooding
  • 46 acres to expand Sam Friedland Park

Development Pressure
is HERE — Help us Fight!

Our lifestyle is in jeopardy.
The Arden community will include 2,000 homes. Minto will build 4,500 homes and 2.2 million square feet of commercial in West Lake. Avenir is coming with 3,250 units. Lion Country is approved for 254 homes and Iota Carol was denied, but still plans to build 1,000 homes.

GL Homes is proposing to move the 3,897 homes they are approved for in Indian Trails out of our area. GL plans to move the units while still donating 640 acres for flood control and 46 acres for parks. Not only does this keep major traffic off our roads, but it also preserves nearly 5,000 more acres for our county.


A Great Plan For Us, A Great Plan for Agriculture

Preserving 5,000 acres at GL Homes’ Indian Trails Grove ensures a strong future for farming in Palm Beach County

The farming community agrees that the soil and growing conditions at Indian Trails Grove are substantially similar to the Agricultural Reserve. By preserving this massive tract of land, we are gaining nearly 3,000 more acres for locally grown food. Indian Trails Grove is 100% leased to farmers today, so let’s fight to keep it that way!


Don’t Be Misled – The Facts About The AG Reserve

The community known as the Ag Reserve is 21,000 acres and includes:

  • 28 communities and 11,000 homes
  • 4 shopping centers, movie theatre & bowling alley
  • 4 schools (two public and two charter)
  • Bethesda West Hospital
  • A U.S. Post Office
  • Four gas stations
  • Major roadways including Florida’s Turnpike, 441, Boynton Beach Blvd., Atlantic Ave., Hypoluxo Rd., Lyons Rd. and Clint Moore Rd.
  • A Solid Waste Authority Transfer Station
  • Eternal Light Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Development and wetlands account for over 50% of the Ag Reserve. Building on 1,257 acres in the existing community of the Ag Reserve, helps preserve 5,000 acres forever. Help us preserve Indian Trails Grove and move the 4,000 homes away from an area that already has significant traffic issues.

4,000 Homes Are Already Approved

The BCC already approved 3,897 homes in Indian Trails. This is our chance to get those homes transferred to the Ag Reserve where they already have the roads, schools and infrastructure to handle them. The western communities are more rural and we need to support the plan to preserve Indian Trails Grove so we can stay that way!

To Preserve Indian Trails Grove YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!

— Sign up here and encourage others to sign up too
—  Send the downloadable letter to the County Commission
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— Get the word out! Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers
— Attend meetings and let your voice be heard!
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Our Board of County Commissioners.

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