Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Indian Trails Grove Project?

The Indian Trails Grove Project is a county approved project for GL Homes to build 3,900 homes on 4,900 acres west of the Acreage. If given county approval, GL Homes is willing to preserve this land in exchange for building homes near existing infrastructure and roads in the southwest Boynton Beach and Delray area.

Who is GL Homes?

GL Homes is one of the nation’s largest home builders, with developments all over the state of Florida, specifically the southern region of the state.

How does GL Homes affect Acreage landowners?

GL Homes’ newest proposal would provide the Acreage and the County with nearly 5,000 acres to use for farming and local water enhancement projects. 42 additional acres would be used for the Samuel Friedland Park.

Why does GL want to discontinue the Indian Trails Grove Project?

With Minto West already here and Avenir coming to West Palm Beach Gardens in the future, GL Homes is responding to residents’ stress about future growth. Already, various developers have been approved to build 13,000 homes out here within the next 20 years, which will cost taxpayers up to $100 million to upgrade existing infrastructure. GL Homes is now looking to build in an area that is better equipped for development.

How would this plan affect the environment?

This new proposal would preserve nearly 5,000 acres of land and provide residents of the Acreage with 640 acres that could be used to build a flood-alleviating reservoir, making it better for the environment than the original Indian Trails Grove project. The proposal would also provide more land for local farming and secure the future of agriculture in Palm Beach County, an objective which is spelled out in the County’s award winning Comprehensive Growth Plan.

How does the Indian Trail Improvement District (ITID) feel about this?

The ITID has unanimously supported the GL Ag Preserve Plan because they know this will help with local drainage and water storage.

What can you do to help “Save Indian Trails Grove” and support GL’s Plan?

Spread the word. Tell your neighbors. Write letters of support to the local paper and our County Commissioners. Do it today and help preserve our lifestyle.